Travelogue: Zagreb, Croatia

Recently I had travel with two friends of mine. We went to the Oceania country ; Croatia and Bosnia. It was an 11 days of trip that started from Narita,Japan.
We arrive at the Dubrovnik's Airport the next day. Due to our hangriness my friend and I went to a local restaurant and ordered a fish soup, a seafood creamy pasta and a pancake. The foods was quite pricey but it was worth the money we spend. The seafood was fresh and the pancake was light and nice. After we explore some of the places in Dubrovnik, we moved to Zagreb, the city of Croatia on the same day by bus which took the whole night.

Zagreb is the city that you have to go if you are going to travel in Croatia.The Cathedral buildings and scenery were breathtaking. Every places in Zagreb's Oldtown can be explore by walking. I prefer to walked during my trip because I can see more of the scenery and culture and of course less money used. We spend a night at Lessi Guesthouse which is very near to the city and the old town. Every place were just a walk away. Lessi was very friendly and helpful. He gave us the city map and introduce us to a restaurant which served good food with a good price. He also offered us a free tour guide because he was not occupied by that time but we refused because we want to stroll by ourselves. 

The restaurant was Nocturnal and Leonardo. We only went to Nocturnal and the food was very delicious and the price was ridiculously low. I fell in love with the city and really hope to come again next time.

The people in Zagreb were very nice compared to their fierce features. We can just asked the local to show us the way. The souvenir seller in the market was very nice. I forgot to ask her name but I will not forget the deeds. We were just looking around in her small shop and she offered us a drink and tell us a little bit of the history in that city and she also did taught us to say Croatia in Croatian language. It is Hrvatska if you are curious. The souvenir in her shop were cheaper than the other shop that we went throughout the day. Another worthy fact for you guys, the food in Zagreb is cheaper than the other places in Croatia even though it is the city of the country.